The treatment station

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The treatment station

Our philosophy to respect the earth prompted us to look for ecological and natural solutions so as not to eject the water used to clean the vats, into the land.

In fact, a bio-dynamic cellar only ejects sugar and organic matter into the waste water system. There is therefore no chemical pollution of added products.  Nonetheless, nature is incapable of absorbing this added contribution of sugar and organic matter to the land. We ask nature to absorb the organic matter which has an excess microbiological activity. The oxygen in stream water is overloaded, destroying the lives of fish and plants.  The water is impoverished by this excess of oxygen and results in pollution.

Luckily we met a man who has had a passion for water pollution reduction since his youth. His name is Mr Willy VOGT.  At the age of 12, he invented his first water treatment system for his parent’s house.


The water treatment station he put in place in June 2001 in the domain is a prototype.  Its principle is ‘digestive photosynthesis’: Achieving a totally biological water treatment, thanks to micro-organisms which initially de-compose and digest part of the organic matter and sugar ejected in the cleaning water. Also, plants such as the phragmite reed, water iris and papyrus, consume the products which are transformed by the micro-organisms.

Over four years, the water emitted by the treatment station was analysed by a Marseille water agency.  The results are evidence that the quality of the water is good and it can be re-introduced into the land.  It was even found that the digested photosynthesised water contained micro-organisms which can only survive in totally un-polluted and healthy water. This water could even be drunk after being re-energised in pools of drinking water.